A-L-S started in 1993 providing landscape maintenance to residential clients with one truck, a lawn mower and a few other pieces of lawn equipment. The owner, Andy Karrer loves everything to do with the outdoors and recognized early on that landscaping is the career for him!

As the business grew larger and expanded to commercial properties, Andy realized that an accounts manager would be necessary as he was no longer able to keep up with working out in the field and handling all the paperwork. That is when Michelle Karrer, his wife became the accounts manager for A-L-S. A partnership was formed and the business became incorporated.

A-L-S now operates (3) Landscape Maintenance Crews; (1) Commercial/Residential Irrigation and Landscape Install Crew; (3) Water Conservation and Irrigation Specialist Crews and (3) Snow Removal and Deicing Crews. Our company utilizes all commercial landscape equipment and able to handle the smallest to the largest projects.

One of the first things people notice when they come into a community or a place of business is the landscape. We know how important it is to our clients that their landscape be well maintained, clean, and beautiful. We are dedicated to providing the smoothest and most reliable operation, whether it is for regularly scheduled maintenance, a onetime clean up or a special landscape installation project. We keep in contact with you to make sure our services are maintained and completed to the highest of expectations.

A-L-S maintains the landscape for several assisted living properties, medical clinics, apartment and condominium communities, homeowner’s associations, state offices, local chapters and shopping centers. We also maintain several residential homes throughout various communities.